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Alt For Norge International format Culture Shock picked up by SVT

Alt For Norge S01 scores record ratings for TVNorge

The Oxymorons win 2008 Brain Station format competition


Flight of the Eunuchs- This unromantic comedy tells the story of two best friends, idle home-husbands, with neither children, jobs nor dignity.  They find themselves disgraced by their wealthy, status-hungry wives.  Humiliated to the point of desperation, they decided life is not worth living.  They follow in the footsteps of Thelma and Louise and head towards the Grand Canyon with their wives in pursuit.  This journey of two men with nothing left to lose helps them rediscover themselves.  Will they do so in time?

Fish and Fable - A romantic comedy about a "successful" Los Angeles family that is falling apart.  When the father inherits a farm on the west coast of Norway, he mobilizes his unwilling family to spend the summer reconnecting with their roots.  Their welcome "home" is not what they expect and they all struggle to find meaning in their lives.  Slowly Norwegian and American culture begin mixing, and the result is romance, happiness and understanding.

Ali Bravo - A war film with feeling.  Ali Bravo is a film about small military base life in Afghanistan and the role it plays in the lives of the locals.  One older career soldier wants to make a difference and attempts to adopt a local orphan.  But it is more complicated than they realized, leading him and his closest friends into trouble they never imagined. 

Quarantine - A group medical students in their final year are researching the historical development of Tuberculosis treatments.  They discover and visit a condemned TB hospital from the 1950's and discover that the chief of staff was conducting secret experiments.  When one of them accidentally exposes himself to a sample of the new supervirus, the group is faced with questions and situations.  Should they seek help and risk contaminating the outside world?  Or should they wait it out and see who survives?  The group is split over what to do and as their situation grows desperate, so do their actions. 



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